Red-eyed Sword Demon of Online Games

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Then I saw Xiaodong immediately threw the dagger and left a light blue phantom in midair. The Zombie King gave a slight shock. I saw the dagger immediately blocked in the chest to give up the attack on me, I was also scared out of a cold sweat, now still afraid. In a flash, Xiaodong's dagger suddenly changed, and the original dagger, which was as delicate as a needle, turned into a fox (fox fairy) in the blink of an eye. The degree of the fox fairy is also not to be belittled, in the zombie king has not yet come to his senses when the figure of the fox fairy with a beautiful volley to the back of the zombie king with you suddenly waved his claws mercilessly hit the zombie king has been incomplete spine, and at this time the dark green blood spatter fox fairy after this attack, four feet began to gallop and roar to turn the body, followed by another attack with three blood. The mark was left on the chest of the Zombie King-4o3-456-417. Although the Zombie King will change, Xiaodong's nine-degree Xuanbing Blade can't be changed. Receive.. The fox fairy heard Xiaodong's call and turned into Xiaodong's weapon again, and quickly returned to Xiaodong. Xiaodong smiled and looked at the zombie king being played with. And the Zombie King is also suddenly crazy. I didn't expect Xiaodong's dagger to be a fox. "How is it?"? You can't change the dagger in my hand. Give up. Then Xiaodong stepped on the butterfly step again and launched a swift attack on the zombie king. After such a long time of losing our minds, our blood has dropped to less than half,Steel racking system, and after the effect of the ghost's skill disappeared, I quickly took a drunken dream, and Blue Light and Yu Haijiao also added a treatment to me. Ding ~ System: "The player's blue light has enabled the ability to summon nine degrees of magic soldiers." The reappearance of the magic weapon is accompanied by the flashing of the golden light. The zombie king and the ghost made a very painful appearance. Are they afraid of divine harm? Try it first. Taking advantage of the nine degrees of magic weapon to hold the ghost, I discussed the countermeasures with the blue light. Yu Haijiao mainly gives Xiaodong blood, while Blue Light uses lighting to attack ghosts and I resist monsters. No way, who told me to prevent high blood thickness. After discussing the countermeasures,radio shuttle racking, he turned his head and looked at Xiaodong, although he was not much better. But the Zombie King has been playing round and round. And because the nine-degree magic weapon is a sacred race, it has caused more than ten thousand points of damage to ghosts in a short period of time. However, although the attack is considerable, the defense will be inferior. The poor nine-degree magic soldier has less than half of his blood under the constant destruction of magic attacks. At this time, I also rushed up with an arrow, and my figure flashed slightly and came to the back of the ghost in the blink of an eye. Ding ~ System: "The player has enabled the skill of Blood Magic Sword only after the sword passes without trace." Accompanied by my skill, the powerful sword gas was released in an instant and fell on the back of the ghost, and a scream of blood-red ripples had exploded on the body of the ghost. The Zombie King was startled to see the body rushing towards us like the wind and electricity. But Xiaodong is not an ordinary person, and he is not a vegetarian. I saw a figure stepping out of the butterfly step in the air, heavy duty warehouse rack ,Pallet rack supplier, then with the help of a stone pillar, his left foot quickly flashed in front of the zombie king, and the zombie king, who had been in the rush, was unexpectedly stabbed in the heart by a nine-stage black ice blade. A foul smell of blood spattered out. The Zombie King was three steps away in an instant. Want tne, but unexpectedly the dramatic scene again. The degree of the flying snake was not inferior to that of Xiaodong, and the green liquid spurted out at once. After a flurry of dodging,Narrow aisle rack, he was hit because of too much venom. I lost my mind. Start spinning around in the same place. Xiaodong's situation is even worse, not only to bear the mental pressure brought to him by the Zombie King, but also to avoid the venom of the flying snake. Looks like we're doomed this time..

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