Chinese dragon group

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I see. No wonder I've heard you say all these things before. But it's not going to investigate anything like that. Ouyang Xuan said, "Yes, I know Yu Zhenzi. They are very warm-hearted people." "Yes, Tianshi Dao is the most enlightened one among all the schools of cultivation.". For hundreds of years, the mountain gate was only half-sealed, and some disciples were often sent into the world to practice. Moreover, in Taoism, Tianshi Taoism has a high status and is the head of all factions. Seeing the chaos in the world, he took the initiative to seek mediation from the'Dragon Group '. It is precisely because Tianshi Dao has enough influence, and under the joint efforts of the organization, it can suppress the various schools of cultivation to stop fighting for a while. In addition, I, Zhu Youzong of Maoshan and Tianxuanzong of Xurandi, have also contributed a lot to it. "That's right.". Dan Feng, let's ask Tianshi Dao to summon the leaders of all factions. Do you think it's feasible? Ouyang Xuan suddenly said. If there is a heavenly teacher who is willing to help, and then with Ouyang's reputation, it should be basically possible. But I'm afraid they'll all be willing to come. Lin Danfeng said. I come to invite people, who dare not come!? "Ouyang Xuan sneers, thick eyebrows upside down, there is a kind of overweening domineering." Well, that's all I can do now. It's just that we must pay attention to the sense of propriety, so as not to make the situation intensify again. Anzi nodded with a wry smile. I see. We'll leave in the afternoon. Ouyang Xuan was very angry. I'll arrange the helicopter, so it's faster. Zhang Guangyuan stood up and said, "Ouyang, please." "Don't worry, I'm here to make sure these sects are obedient." Ouyang Xuan's eyes are cold. ( The seventh chapter of the final volume Dragon and Tiger Mountain Tianshi Dao Mobile E-book · Feiku Net Update Time: 2007-8-5 8:46:00 Number of Words in this Chapter: 5237 Dragon and Tiger Gate is a sacred place of Taoism in China. Here is a national key scenic spot, the scenery of thousands of peaks competing, thousands of gullies competing, waterfalls flying obliquely, vines hanging upside down, beautiful. Into the mountains, then see the mountain strange, inserted peak thorn clouds, if in the night, as if even the bright moon were swallowed in the mountains. As a result, such a beautiful place naturally attracted numerous people who were determined to cultivate Taoism. Since Zhang Daoling, the first generation of heavenly teacher in the Eastern Han Dynasty, became an immortal here, Longhu Mountain has been known as the "Immortal Capital" and the "Blessed Land on Earth". Come to think of it, come here, look for the relics of Tianshi, worship the ancestral court of Taoism, explore the secrets of cliff tombs, Cantilever Storage rack , overlook the dragon and tiger leaping, view the pure folk customs, the scenery is interesting, how beautiful it is! …… At that time, it was afternoon, and the autumn sun was strong. Ouyang Xuan and Lin Danfeng walked side by side in the Dragon and Tiger Mountain, looking around the streams, green bamboo and wood, feeling very good. Dan Feng is indeed a holy place of Taoism, and the scenery is really unique. Ouyang Xuan appreciated the scenery along the way. Yes, otherwise Zhang Daoling Tianshi wouldn't have tape was earth-shaking. I admire and admire him. It's just that your excellency seems to have retired, right? Why did you come to the hill with Danfeng's good nephew today? 。

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