Every time he died in the arms of the man.

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Qi opened his eyes wide, a little incredulous, and a little feeling that what she said might be right, and whispered: "." Grandma Ning Meng was so happy that she applauded in her heart. He knew that he had taken the right medicine, and he would do so in the future to ensure that he would not abandon her as an old man. As he spoke, Shi Shanjin's figure appeared at the door. "You can go," he said. Mom, you have a good rest at home. "All right, be careful," replied Ning Meng. Li Hui also just came out of the room, Wen Yan hurriedly packed up his things, deliberately left the bag with the old things in that room. If you can find it, you can leave it to them. Anyway, it's useless in her farrassed about. We have been together for so long. Although Qi opened her mouth last night, she finally felt the same as a few days ago, with only a little relief. Sooner or later, she's going to find out what's going on in his little head. Seeing them disappear in the doorway,magnetic separator machine, Ning Meng sighed faintly. In fact, she also wanted to go. It was too boring to stay at home, but she didn't open her mouth. The old lady's physical quality is still very good, but only before she was hit by a ghost, she can only lie at home now. And as soon as the ghost heard that it was all related to the corpse, she went there except to be afraid or afraid, and it had no effect. It may even become a burden to them, so it's better not to go. Or listen to the system broadcast at home. . Leaving from the small building,gold cil machine, they set off for Li Hui's village. The driver had never been to such a place. At first, he wanted to navigate, but the name of the vilom the city, more and more sparsely populated, and finally can only see the wild trees, more than ten minutes can not see a house. The car stops before a gravel road finally, the driver gets off to check the road ahead, after coming back, say: "Big little, be afraid that ahead can be very bumpy." His meaning is obvious, and he is afraid that they can't stand it. Embarrassed, Carbon in Pulp ,coltan ore processing, Li Hui said, "Mr. Shi.." Shi Shanjin didn't say anything. He motioned with his jaw and looked back. "Shi Qi, can you stand it?" Qi nodded hurriedly. Of course he could. He had never suffered such a hardship before. He had walked countless times. It was nothing to him at all. Thinking of this, he thought of his present life. The words of the Beginning of Spring were still floating in his mind. Without that wild ghost, what kind of life would he be now, but to return to his former place, or to be looked down upon by Shi Cong. Because the wild ghost wants to take him there, so let uncle see his hidden ability, hidden Yin andchful eyes of many villagers. Soon, Li Hui's house appeared in front of them, no different from the houses they had just seen. This is my home. Shi Qi followed him in, facing the hall, where two black-and-white photos, one of an old woman and one of a young man,chrome washing machine, were placed on the long table of the banquet. Li Hui originally wanted them to sit down, but Shi Shanjin took the initiative to ask if the woman's family had given anything. "It would be best if it was used by the woman before she died," he stressed. 。 ore-magnetic-mining.com

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