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Guo Sheng hurried to the side, the man looked far away, and this time the answer was already choked with sobs. "The other side of the capital camp reported that the whole army had left and disappeared!" Guo Sheng bit his lip and said decisively, "We can't control so much. We can only do our best to prevent the rebels from invading the palace." Speaking, the enemy has begun to attack, they are a burst of random arrows, toward ChengTou, see the guards to hide behind the battlements, then immediately stop, ten people in a row, holding the giant wood, began to break the door. The gate was hit hard, Guo Sheng remembered his father said, hurriedly let the tower below their own soldiers with iron bars, try to support, and sent people in the cellar of the tower, emergency moved out a few piles of guards winter heating charcoal fire, lit with fire fold, from the top have thrown down, immediately burned the enemy to countless casualties. While the enemy was in chaos, he ordered people to shoot arrows downward, so you came and went, each with casualties. As Guo Sheng struggled, he couldn't help regretting that he didn't listen to his father's teachings on weekdays, and that he had only a smattering of knowledge about the art of war and strategy. If he had known today, he would never have returned to the Incense Pavilion to meet those Yingying and Yanyan. When his mind was confused, the enemy actually set up a ladder. I don't know where they got the old things, and they creaked as they climbed. People on it, trembling, very dangerous. Guo Sheng covered his mouth and wanted to laugh, but he shouted excitedly, motioning to his subordinates to take the opportunity to know it. Suddenly the crowd surged, the ladder swayed upside down, and there were countless arrows, regardless of the enemy and ourselves, falling down together. There were still several ladders that were lucky enough not to be overturned, and finally the first enemy soldier climbed up the tower. Was Guo Sheng a knife cut down, but a few people on the ChengTou, they desperately meet is still climbing companions, several of them, martial arts is very strong, repeatedly cut her a few archers,Portable gold trommel, the situation is more dangerous. Guo Sheng was anxious, but heard a clear whistle behind him, Ling Yue this chaotic shout to kill the sound, into his ears, there is a faint sound of hooves galloping, but was covered by the sound of Jin Ge. Is out of the palace, is it really reinforcements? But listen to a light sound of footsteps, Guo Sheng looked sideways, a group of men in black, together on the tower, are helping their own soldiers, against the enemy who have climbed the stairs, the men in black are ruthless, never sloppy, every move, can kill people. Guo Sheng couldn't help being curious and looked intently, only to see that the man in black was wearing the waist card of the bodyguard, but no matter how he looked at it, his eyes were very strange. As soon as he was distracted, he was caught in a gap by the enemy, and suddenly he came across with a knife, gold CIP machine ,small gold wash plant, but he could not avoid it. With a clank, a long sword was thrown from behind, stabbing the enemy through the heart, and a woman's voice sounded behind him. "Do you really want to lose your life in vain when you are in a daze on the battlefield?" Guo Sheng suddenly looked back, only to see a girl of fifteen or sixteen years old, dressed in palace clothes, feet do not touch the ground came to the side, pulled out the enemy's sword, under the flick, there are drops of blood Wanran, sprinkled dust. Her complexion is like Dai, in the sunshine, like amber honey, shining with satin dazzling soft and greasy brilliance, Guo Sheng was there for a moment, let the side tear fierce, eyes full of just the figure of a young girl. You're still in a daze! The girl stamped her feet and said angrily, "Guo Sheng suddenly woke up and hurried to command and kill the enemy, but out of the corner of his eye he followed the mysterious girl all the time." Girl, how is the situation in the palace? Intentionally or unintentionally, he fought closer and closer, almost back to back with the girl, each other as horns. King Ping kidnapped the Empress Dowager and King Jing, and the emperor was dealing with him in the Cining Palace. The girl whispered that what she was sending out was not the fragrance of an ordinary lady, but the natural fragrance of a warm pine branch. Guo Sheng was intoxicated for a moment and listened to her words, but it was like pouring a basin of cold water on his head, which extinguished his delusion. Who is that girl? He asked doubtfully, in the impression, there is no woman in the palace who knows martial arts, unless it is. As expected, the young girl replied, "I am a person close to the Empress Chen Fei. Commander Qu saw that I had a little skill in martial arts, so he asked me to come with the'secret envoys' to reinforce me." "Secretly?!" Guo Sheng could not help frowning, he, like the rest of the children of the door, these secret Tiqi, and not half a good impression, but today's emergency, can only rely on these dark forces. He cut his opponent to the ground with a knife. Looking around, he found that he had the upper hand. Although the number of black-clad'secret envoys' was not large, they were very sharp and vicious. In the melee, they were like fish in water. Strange Undeterred, he murmured, "Their martial arts are not the same as those of the late emperor.." He heard his father at home vaguely mention that the'secret envoy 'was personally trained by the late emperor, and this time he witnessed it with his own eyes, he could not help but have some doubts. Perhaps Commander Qu also taught them the reason! There was a flash of depth in the girl's eyes, and she answered thoughtfully. I haven't asked the girl's name yet. Guo Sheng cut down another man from the gate tower and asked while there was a gap. My name is Jian Qing. The girl replied that her sword, like lightning, had taken a man's life in an instant. She looked at the clear blue sky with only one thought in her mind. Morning master there, do not know how. The morning dew is also looking up at the clear sky, her clothes are flying, like heaven and man, flying through the long ancient lane, the hot sunlight shines on her sword blade, there is a unique ethereal. Where is anyone else?! She pressed the tip of her sword and asked the man on the ground from a commanding position. The man did not answer, and the tip of the sword pierced the heart in the next moment, painless and fearless. Another man, who looked up at the snow-white blade, could not help trembling, said a direction, the sword changed into a ridge, knocked him unconscious, fell into black sweet. Chen Palace Volume 5 Chapter 122 Solving Difficulties She was followed by the elite of Chenlou, with bloody weapons in her hands. Smoke billowed from the mansion of a high-ranking official not far behind her, but the flames were about to go out. How are the courtiers at home? She flew over the ridge of the eaves, the wind rustling in her ears, but the subordinates behind her could hear it clearly. "It's all right,tin beneficiation plant," she replied. Only Lord Qi Rong called a famous prostitute to attend the banquet at home. In a hurry, the guests were all frightened. "Just as well.." To die under the peony flower, to be a ghost is also romantic. 。

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