The journey of Lan Huan

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Mimi in Jingyue's arms felt the hostility of the other side, and she also raised her black hair and her sharp teeth to pounce on her. The change of Mimi made Jingyue wake up from the contest of two people's momentum. Seeing that all the friends around her were a little strange, she knew that the momentum confrontation between herself and that person had seriously affected her partner. Suddenly, the momentum of Jingyue suddenly rose, and then suddenly closed again. Then, Jingyue looked at the old man innocently as if nothing had happened, and the old man's dark face suddenly turned red, but it only returned to normal in the blink of an eye, but Jingyue knew that he had suffered a lot of internal injuries in order to suppress the momentum of the counterattack. Jingyue unconsciously bent the corners of her mouth, lowered her head and stroked Mimi's body a few times. Then she raised her head and asked casually: [I'm Linda, I don't know what you always call me?] The old man first took a deep breath, then exhaled gently, and then said slowly: [good ~ ~ good ~ ~ old man, my name is Gerstner …] No one but Jingyue could tell what his "good" meant. Duck suddenly gave a thunderous cry of surprise. [Gerstner! You said your name was Gerstner, the same name as my idol, Gerstra Kensei. With that, he found that the man in front of him was seriously inconsistent with the image of his idol. He didn't think about it and said it directly. [Oh, of course you can't be him.] Then he stopped talking and concentrated on drinking. [Oh ~ ~ old man,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, your name is the same as Kensei's. What a coincidence ~ ~] Jingyue asked in a strange tone, but the look in his eyes clearly confirmed his identity. [Hehe, what a coincidence.] Gerstner smiled dryly, the wrinkles on his face shaking. [By the way, my granddaughter, when can I eat? I just ate a little. Now I ~ En ~] obviously change the subject. [Oh, you must be hungry. I'm going to order food. You haven't eaten for days. You can't eat hard food first. I'll give you something light and soft to eat. Wait here for a while.] Inanna said gently. Then Inanna called the waiter and ordered some light food,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, and everyone else ordered something to eat, because there were not many people eating at noon today, so the order came quickly. Looking at Inanna's gentle and careful care of Gerstner's eating, Jingyue murmured to herself that even if she was congenial again, she was too good to him. Finally, Jingyue had to admit that she was really a kind and silly girl. After dinner, Gerstner said he was a little sleepy. Inanna immediately cancelled the afternoon shopping and helped him back to his room to rest. The other four people were really dumbfounded. Jingyue is watching with relish, although Gerstner tried to hide, but Jingyue still see his expression in the unnatural, it seems to be so affectionate treatment of Inanna, his heart is still a little uneasy ~ ~ Without Inanna, Jingyue's mood of shopping did not decrease at all. After resting for a while, she was planning to go out for a walk when she met Batra who was just about to go out. [Oh? Linda, Oil Dropper Bottle ,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, are you going out? Batra asked first. [Yes, it's boring to stay in the hotel. Inanna doesn't have time. I just have to go out by myself.] Jingyue replied. Batra nodded and said, "What a coincidence! We forgot to buy a few things in the morning. I don't think there are many, so I'm going to buy them myself. It's just on the way. Let's go together." [Good ~] Jingyue has no objection. Said what happened, Jingyue clearly saw, he looked at himself to go out before, just follow over, I'm afraid it's not just on the way so simple ~ ~ Turning two blocks, they walked on the busy shopping street. Suddenly, Batradeeople became more curious about the mystery of the Barbarossa Mountains. It must not be easy for so many experienced adventurers to flock to the place. Batra and Collins,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, who are still a little rational, are a little worried that the task that can make these famous adventurers feel challenged must not be easy. If a small team like their own adventure group really encounters problems, it is really difficult to solve them.

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