Evil young husband, get down on the ground

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Standing aside, carefully observing the movements of the two sides, Mu Mingqiu suddenly shouted. Mu Mingchun hurriedly shook his right fist. But never thought, Mu Mingdong's head slanted and dodged again. He laughed even more arrogantly: "Ha ha, do you think I'm so unguarded?" "Sister, below!"! She's negligent down there! For a moment, and see something, Mu Mingqiu immediately called again. Mu Mingchun raised his foot and kicked it hard. Ah This time, Mu Mingdong miscalculated, her right leg was kicked by her, and she took several steps back. Looking up at Mu Mingqiu, she smiled in a low voice: "You are awesome.". But I'm not a vegetarian either. He clenched his lower lip and clenched his fist. "Look at it!" A fight officially kicked off. Discuss feelings After a cup of tea. The orderly back hall of Master Tai has become a pile of ruins that can not be reused. Almost none of the tables, chairs and benches are still well preserved. As far as I could see, there were broken walls everywhere, and even the door of the back hall was smashed into a big hole by someone with a bench. Leaning against the pillar and looking coldly at the man sitting on the ground, Mu Mingchun asked breathlessly, "Do you still want to fight?" "No, no more fighting." Taking a big breath, Mu Mingdong sat on the ground without any image, waved his hand, and was out of breath. Mu Mingchun's face finally showed a smirk and said coldly, "Hum, do you want to take advantage of me?"? I'm telling you, I couldn't before, and I can't now! "Oh,Portable gold trommel, you, you two really have some skills!" Covering his chest, he looked up at Mu Mingchun and Mu Mingqiu, who were standing together. Mu Mingdong's eyes were full of admiration. "One moved his mouth, the other moved his hands. Together, they could beat me.". You know, I have been trained with real guns and live ammunition. Those people on the road all shy away when they hear my name, but you two little women have so much courage. You guys are awesome, really awesome. "Have you ever practiced with live ammunition?"? We have received systematic training since childhood! Although the actual combat drills are not many,gold CIP machine, but the foundation is there, certainly not worse than you! Curling his lips and sneering, Mu Mingchun said nonchalantly. All this, they still do not forget to bicker, Mu Mingqiu is almost speechless. All right, you two stop talking and shut up and have a rest! Shaking her head, she whispered. Isn't this already resting? Mu Mingdong gasped low, looking at the direction of the two of them, slowly way, "I have to say, you two are really good, one hand and foot is really good, one's vision is really sharp, you two together, I really can't fight.". Fine! Now that I have lost, I promise that I will not take advantage of you in the future. However You are so beautiful, I occasionally drool at you, tin beneficiation plant ,small gold wash plant, the heart, this is always possible, right? "No!" Mu Mingchun immediately shook his head and said firmly. Big sister ~ "The smile on the face disappears immediately, change shallow grievance, Mu Mingdong drawled out a voice to cry.". Now, even pretending to be pitiful can't hide her evil intentions! Mu Mingchun waved his head and did not look at her. "Humph!" "Second Sister ~" Seeing that Mu Mingchun could not be moved, Mu Mingdong turned to Mu Mingqiu and shouted coquettishly again. Mu Mingqiu smiled and whispered, "Sister, whatever she wants!"! Do you think that even if she promises now that she won't think about us from now on, she won't think about something when she sees us in the future? You don't know what kind of person she is. "Hey, my second sister knows me!" Hearing this, Mu Mingdong smiled and shouted with joy. Mu Mingqiu smiled: "Not to understand you, but with your character, I can probably guess." "All right then!" After listening to Mu Mingqiu's advice, Mu Mingchun insisted on loosening his heart. Thinking about it, she nodded and reluctantly agreed. Thank you, elder sister, thank you, second sister! Mu Mingdong was busy thanking him. After thanking her, she looked at Mu Mingqiu and whispered, "Yes, Second Sister, who were you before?"? Do we know each other? Now, seeing Mu Mingqiu's means, she seems to be more interested in her than Mu Mingchun. Mu Mingqiu shook his head: "I don't know.". ” "Then how do you know about me-" Chuner, Qiuer, Donger! What have you done!? Just as he was talking, he heard a loud cry of panic coming from outside. Quickly shut up, turned his head to the door, and saw Mu Taishi roaring through the half-slanting door, stumbling in. As soon as he came in and saw the devastation everywhere, his footsteps stopped, his eyes were dull, and he seemed to be silly. The three men, who had been doing things in their own way, immediately stood up and United closely in an unprecedented manner. Nothing. We three sisters exchanged our feelings together. Mu Mingchun took the lead and said in a faint voice. Is it necessary to coms time to go back.". I was allowed to come and have a look at the one in my house, and the children were waiting for me to go back and play. I have to go,coltan ore processing, too. My son was sleeping when he went out, and now he should wake up. If he wakes up and doesn't see me, he'll cry. Mu Mingqiu nodded hurriedly and took his leave. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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