Forensic Qin Ming (Part 1-5)

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"Do you suspect sudden death caused by heart disease?" Lin Tao asked. I nodded. The investigator beside him said, "I see. I'm going to investigate Tao Zi's relatives to see if she has a history of congenital heart disease." "All right." I promised loudly to ease the embarrassing atmosphere just now. "In addition, I will send a car to send the organs of the deceased to the provincial department. I will call Fang Jun, a forensic doctor, who is an expert in pathology.". I asked him to observe the state of the heart, and then to examine the microscopic structure of the internal organs of the deceased as soon as possible to confirm whether there is any pathological changes. By means of organ slices, the morphology of tissue cells can be observed under a microscope, which is called pathology. The application of pathology in forensic medicine is called forensic histopathology. This is a major means for forensic doctors to determine whether the deceased has organic diseases. This test requires the organ to be fixed in formalin, then dehydrated, embedded, sectioned, stained, and finally observed under a microscope, so it takes a long time. "What about us?" I stretched. "We'd better go back and take a nap." 【4】 Because we went to bed late and got up early, we went back to the hotel after lunch and soon fell asleep. I slept until dinner, when I was woken up by Lin Tao with sleepy eyes: "It's five o'clock. Get up quickly. I don't know how the investigation is going." I picked up my cell phone and looked at the time. It happened that the cell phone rang. It was Fang Jun from the forensic pathology room who called: "Section Chief Qin, I saw the internal organs you sent them today.". From the structure of the organ,portable gold wash plant, it can be diagnosed that the deceased's heart has the problem of pulmonary stenosis. "Pulmonary valve stenosis?" I said, "It's a congenital heart disease.". Are you sure? "I'm sure." Fang Jun said, "I will further confirm the next step, but it will take two days." "I guess I was right." I yawned and said to Lin Tao, "The deceased really had a congenital heart disease that could cause sudden death.". Let's go to the task force to report the situation. Lin Tao said: "You go to report, and I will go to the scene to see the environment." After entering the gate of the task force, I found that the number of people in the task force was reduced by half. If the guess is correct,gold heap leaching, the task force heard that the deceased may have died of illness, so half of the police force was withdrawn. The victim had congenital heart disease, pulmonary stenosis, which can lead to sudden death. I said, "According to the autopsy, the deceased should have died of this disease." "We heard." Director Qiang said, "So this case should not be a homicide case?" "I don't think so." I said, "Who says that a case of death caused by disease is not a homicide?"? Don't forget the video of the white shadow in the maze, combined with the time of death of the deceased, I think the deceased should be frightened by the suspected ghost or something, which induced the original disease and died. If this is a simple prank, then it is a negligent death, coltan ore processing ,magnetic separator machine, but if the white shadow knows that she has a heart disease and can't stand the shock, then it may be a murder by concealment! Director Qiang hesitated for a while and said, "It's not safe to kill people in this way, is it?" "Not necessarily." I said, "According to the video image processing photos of the white shadow, the wig covered the face, even if he did not frighten the dead, the dead would not recognize him.". Instead, I think it's a safe and clever way to kill people. "Life is not a mystery novel, and I don't think the situation will be so complicated." The host investigator said, "After our investigation, two classmates of the deceased left shortly after Tao Zi left that evening." "Yes." Another investigator said, "According to their classmates, one of the two male classmates who left later has been chasing Tao Zi, but Tao Zi has been rejected.". So I think these two people may have a motive to frighten her. This kind of low-level and childish means of scaring is usually something that children of this age can do. I have no reason to refute them, although I feel a little inappropriate, but still let the strong director issued an order to examine the two male students. Back at the hotel, Lin Tao happened to come back from the scene. Why are you so unhappy? Lin Tao asked. No. "I have no spirit, said," the task force initially determined that this may be a prank between middle school students caused by the death, the task force on the night and Tao Zi left two male students to examine. "How can it be a male student?" Cried Lin Tao. "Didn't you contradict them?" I shook my head and looked at Lin Tao confusedly. Lin Tao opened his bag, took out a picture of the scene, spread it on the desk of the hotel, and said: "I have two grounds to deny that this is a crime committed by a middle school student." "Tell me about it." I immediately came to the spirit, "just now they analyzed the murderer's means of committing a crime, saying that it was childish and inferior, in line with the means of middle school students.". I also want to say that childish to the extreme is not childish. Lin Tao nodded and said, "First, have you forgotten the traces we saw before?"? It was the mark of a man carrying another man to rest against the wall. In that case, this case will certainly not be committed by two people! I patted my head and said, "Yes.". Why did I forget? "Second," Lin Tao went on to say, "I was thinking about this problem when I went to bed in the afternoon, so I went to see the scening, there may be pedestrians and vehicles on the main road.". So, won't such a man dressed in strange clothes and carrying a person be discovered? I frowned. "You mean that since the murderer left the alley,manganese beneficiation plant, he would not live in the alley. Besides, he was confident that he would not be found by passers-by because the exit was safe." "Why is the exit next to the main road safe?" Lin Tao raised his eyebrows, an expression that had charmed many girls.

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