I met you in the most wretched time of my life.

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"Yihong" was in trouble recently. The news came from inside that the Zhao family was on the verge of bankruptcy. "Yihong" was in a panic. The little sisters with capital and ability began to look for a way out for themselves. All of them jumped ship and left. Their first choice was naturally the two "Yicuilou" and "Wanhualou" opposite. The old girls who have nowhere to go are left to survive. No clarification, no explanation, let them go. As a result, business is getting worse. Recently more decadent, looking at the increasingly domineering figure of pig water, suddenly there is no interest in fighting. After Liu Piaopiao cried, he was also like a person who had nothing to do. People were still looking for him, and love was still talking about him. The little daughter-in-law upstairs was crying and shouting to jump off the building yesterday. After being persuaded to come down, she took out the money to buy a house and prepared to go into business again. Busy in the dark, he finally finished the task assigned by the editor-in-chief. After handing it in, I will be free. There was time, but no one took it to Beidaihe to play. I am very sad about this. Sometimes people are contradictory, and there are many painful lessons in life, so no one has learned to be better. As time goes by, the pedestrians on the road are still in a hurry. The latest news on TV is that the tofu dregs project in a certain place collapsed. With the sound of "wow", dozens of lives disappeared. A lot of people to love, it seems that it is the collapse of the stars dim the sun and the moon without light what big thing, but feel that, in such a big era, the desire to love can not, desire can not, want to stop all have it, hurt, some people than more hurt. Not the first,oil dropper bottle, not the last. So sometimes when I look at those lovelorn people in the newspaper who burn charcoal to hang themselves and cut their veins, I feel very incredible. Life is so easy to drown people, struggling in the meantime, and there is not much time to be sad. Just like now, he stretched out his index finger to pick up Li Xiaoxiao's chin and said to him, "Girl, give me a smile!" "Hey, hey." Li Xiaoxiao grinned and grinned like a big horse monkey. Shit! Ugly! Wrinkled his nose. "Somebody, drag it down and reward the brothers!" Wave your hand. "Oh,Glass Cream Jars, sir, no!" Li Xiaoxiao's voice was charming, and he threw his snot and tears around his arm. Liu Piaopiao could no longer help laughing beside him. Laugh, too. Happiness is not as difficult as you think. It was not until Liu Piaopiao came to look for him a few days ago that his words flickered and he was coy. His family had given him a marriage in his hometown. They wanted to rush back to meet him before the Spring Festival to cultivate their feelings, and then they would do the marriage next spring. Piaopiao's words are straightforward and heroic, and there are few people who are embarrassed. It is estimated that they feel that if they leave in the case of "Yihong", they are too unloyal, but the marriage is too important. Still a little surprised: "What?"? Get married without falling in love? Piaopiaotou: "Lin Han, not small.". I don't have time to fall in love with those children. Look at fluttering face serious appearance, some dizzy, still, should also find a not familiar, but very suitable person, the same kind of make do with, life? Suddenly found that the original is not old, because or how can not accept this idea. Suddenly, I found that for many years, 16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps ,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, I really didn't want to marry anyone other than Jia Qian. Send Piao Piao to the train back home. Mushroom, let's go. Piaopiao looked at it as if he felt sorry for it. In the future, take care. Smile: "Good, go back early, get married early, give birth to a fat boy to come out early, let become godmother!" Piaopiao was very happy when he heard the words in front of him, but when he heard the last sentence, his face changed slightly. Turn your head to pretend to be an invisible gaffe, but it is clear in your heart that since Piaopiao has made up her mind to be a good wife and mother with three obediences and four virtues, how can she welcome the peaceful life destroyed by a person who knows the past and can't bear the history? So I knew that I would never meet Piaopiao again after I left. Will wave goodbye to the past. First met Jia Qian, then met the old man, left Jia Qian, met Zhao Yang, mother left, came back, met Jia Qian again, left Zhao Yang, now Liu Piaopiao also want to leave, before long, Lis in winter and the fallen leaves on the ground, even if there isthe phonewill be held on the fifth floor. Please sort out the performance report and financial summary for the next month and then take it over." Jia Qian's voice over there is steady and bold. OK Jia Qian came back. Yes. …… Busy? "It's okay." "That doesn't bother." "Well,30ml dropper bottle, I'll contact you when I'm free." "All right, goodbye." "Goodbye." End of call, 00:59 seconds. What a sad number. penghuangbottle.com

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