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"No!" The wife looked at her son's temper and was unhappy. "I just tried her to see if I could make her change her mind." When Xu Lingyi saw that his mother's face was not worried, he knew that he had done something wrong. He quickly changed the subject with a smile and said, "Mother, although Mrs. Huang is friendly with you, we are so troublesome to others. We still have to talk about the etiquette.". Do you think this is OK? Ask Mrs. Huang one day, saying that there is a shortage of salt warehouse ambassadors in the Department of Salt Transport in Shandong. Although there is no inflow, the salt warehouse is inspected by the ambassador, which is a fat job. See if there is a suitable person in their family. I'll tell the Ministry of Civil Affairs. "This is a typical slap in the face." Too madam listened to laugh, "you are at ease good, yellow madam won't go out to talk nonsense.". However, you have this renovation, I still bring your words to. Then he said with a straight face, "Since you have the ability, why don't you get a job for your father-in-law?". Speaking of it, the Luo family was also kind to us at that time. Besides, we're all relatives, and it's always hard to say. Xu Lingyi could not help frowning: "Niang, don't worry about this.". I know in my heart. "Are you afraid that yuan Niang will have any idea so that you can negotiate with her on this matter?" Mrs. Tai said bluntly, "I don't care what you two play with, but you can't mess around with the in-laws.". If you don't show up, I will! A tone that Xu Lingyi would not stop until he agreed. There's something you don't know. Xu Lingyi was quite helpless. "The emperor adopted Chen Ge's suggestion and prepared to implement a new tea tax.". His father-in-law has always opposed Chen Ge's old tea tax law. This is also the meaning of the emperor. After a while, I will mention it to the emperor again. Don't get involved in it any more. "Did you say that to the in-laws?" Such result too madam is very accident, see a son again do not want to talk much appearance, she cannot help saying, "you still reveal a bottom to the master of the family.". He knows what he can say and what he can't say in the future. "Why didn't I say that?" Xu Lingyi said, "Instead, my father-in-law gave me a lot of examples,Serum Bottle With Dropper, saying how Chen Ge's old law is not feasible, how to waste money and manpower.." I can't go deeper, so I'll have to do it for the time being. "Then tell that to yuan Niang." Mrs. Tai thought, "Let yuan Niang persuade the in-laws that they are father and daughter, and they are easier to talk to than you." "What is there to say?" Xu Lingyi disagreed. "Maybe she thought it was an excuse that I didn't want to help her father!"! There are many people who have different political views. Can't you be an official if you have different political views. It was clear that I didn't try my best to ask for help because I wanted to save face. "Otherwise, how could a grand uncle not even be able to do this?" At the end of the speech, the words were sarcastic. Her eyes sank as she listened, and she hesitated to speak. Finally, she shook her head and turned it into a sigh. Pai Pai novel forum Meng Ke hand hit, reprint please specify the Volume I Chapter 56 Marriage (Part Two) Huguo Temple is located in the west of Yanjing City, and there is a temple market on the seventh and eighth day of each month. Today, the # # # temple market is still crowded with visitors like ants, and there are many pilgrims, Oil Dropper Bottle ,Blue Bottle Serum, many of whom come to the temple by carriage or donkey to burn incense. When Shiyiniang got out of the car with Shiyiniang, she saw a row of stalls in front of the mountain gate, with blue and white cloth sheds, selling food, jade, silk fans, tea cups and other daily things. It is very similar to the scenic spots she has been to before. Luo Zhenxing and his classmate Qian Childe walked in front, surrounded by servant girls, rough women and tall guards, a look to know that either rich or noble, ordinary people naturally dare not approach. They quickly went to the main hall to burn incense, and then were invited to the mountain house behind the temple to rest. Wu Niang and Shi Niang were very excited and looked around in their hats. Into the mountain house, but also ran to the window lattice to look out. The first wife looked at eleven Niang with a calm expression and nodded slightly. Luo Zhenxing accompanied Qian Childe to come in and say hello to the first wife. Five Niang several busy evaded to the inner room. That money childe is a very talkative character, after a few simple greetings, chatted with the first wife: "." There are wooden combs for sale, all kinds of textures, and once again I bought an authentic horn comb, which cost only ten cents. There is a vamp seller in the west, which has a complete range of designs and colors. Although it can't be compared with the Su sample in the south of the Yangtze River, it also has its own characteristics. You can send your mother to have a look later. In the south, there is a tea soup stall called "Rice Cake Li", which specializes in pickled cakes, bean jelly, fried sausage, stewed balls, authentic Yanjing flavor, you have to taste it! Have you ever heard of Fried Sausage? It is filled with white flour, red yeast water, cloves and cardamom, which is very exquisite. He talked a lot, and the topics were so unrestrained that he made the first wife and the five and ten women in the room laugh. Eleven Niaiang family in Le'an?" She asked. "Exactly." The first wife answered with a smile, and then the money childe laughed and said, "In that case,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, brother Zhenxing and I will avoid it for the time being." With these words, there was a sound of footsteps outside the house. When Wu Niang saw that eleven Niang was listening to the noise outside, she ran over and laughed. "What is eleven sister listening to?" Much more intimate than usual.

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