A Cai-Phoenix Mistake: Substitute for the Abandoned Concubine

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But when everyone thinks that the seven ranks of God, one leap and two ranks are the top of the sky, the ascension of Xuetian Ao is not over yet. Really, the promotion hasn't stopped yet? Snow day proud this is to want how ah, just escape from death, this is crazy ascension, this still let a person live. My God, the lines of the eighth order of God have come out. I'll kill myself. That is to say, why give birth to ordinary people such as me, which is not clear, let me die of shame. Under the incredible gaze of the crowd, Xuetian proudly stepped on the cultivation of the eighth order of God and stood up calmly. At this time of Xuetian Ao, the whole person is like a transformation in general, the whole body is full of strength, Dongfang Ningxin believes that now Xuetian Ao even without True Qi, a punch is enough to kill a master below the gods. Power, the energy in the starry meteorite, is pure power, which is a great advantage. Thank you for your hard work. Snow day proud to get up, looking at the weak Dongfang Ningxin, no affectation, only a hard, between them a look, a move, can be clear. But at this time, Xue Tianao did not know that Dongfang Ningxin had used the needle method against the sky for him. I Dongfang Ningxin was about to say that I was all right, but found that he could not speak. The sky seemed to fall down, and the endless force of the universe pressed down from the top of the head. Knock knock. The entire Emerald City, as long as the people standing,Thyroid Powder Factory, were pressed by this pressure to kneel down, God below the fifth order, was directly pressed into mud. What a powerful force. Xuetian Ao and Dongfang Ningxin barely held up for half a second, but the next second, they could not hold up, and with two thump, they knelt down together. What's going on? What on earth is the power that makes them kneel down. Dongfang Ningxin and Xuetian Ao really can't imagine, with the two of them, even in the face of the God of the nether world and the God of creation, it won't be so. The next second, they understand where the power comes from. Word to the reader: Sleep in the wee hours … I got up at six o'clock this morning,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, and I finally finished writing the update before I went to work. In the name of the rule, destroy you. From overhead, a clear but dignified voice came: "Overhead, there are rules, anyone can only walk within the rules, who breaks the rules, the rules will destroy him, Dongfang Ningxin, you ignore the rules of heaven and earth, go against the sky, now I destroy you in the name of the rules.." What? Rules of heaven and earth? What the hell is that? Does she use the Heavenly Penalty of the Heavenly Needle? What kind of punishment is this? Destroy? How is this possible.. Dongfang Ningxin and Xuetian Ao, tacitly looking at the top of their heads, want to resist, but send to the top of their heads, if there are ten thousand pounds, they can not even look up, the only thing they can do is kneel on the ground, head down, surrender to the rules of heaven and earth.. In front of the rules, all things in the world are just ants. Surrender! This is not what Dongfang Ningxin and Xue Tianao want, Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer ,S Adenosyl Methionine, but with their strength, they can only straighten their backs at most, want to fight against the power of heaven and earth, stand up in front of the rules of heaven and earth, and now they simply can't do it. In other words, between heaven and earth, no one can do it, even people like the God of the nether world have to kneel down in front of the rules of heaven and earth. Two people in the heart big panic, ominous premonition hit the heart, in front of the power of heaven and earth, they are so small, let alone confrontation, is not even able to look up. Destruction, if the power of heaven and earth wants to destroy the hearts of the East, they don't even have a chance to say no. The next second, Dongfang Ningxin's pupils suddenly tightened, and the blood on his face disappeared in an instant (percent). Xuetian Ao's pupils dilated, apparently shocked by this scene, and immediately reached out to protect Dongfang Ningxin in his arms. But in front of the rules, Xuetian Ao could not do anything except worry and nervousness. Uh. Ah Dongfang Ningxin onlpirit and will, all disappear from the world. "I, no, Gan, heart!"! What, the rules, why.. Faced with the destruction of the rules, Dongfang Ningxin did not even have the strength to resist, uetian Ao,Heme Iron Polypeptide, who had been suppressed by the rules and could not move, suddenly stood up and stood in front of Dongfang Ningxin. He threw a punch at the Aurora and said, "Get out of here.." 。 pioneer-biotech.com

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