The Deer and the Cauldron

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Kangxi sighed, "I can't help it. If I had been born in Yangzhou like you, I would have drunk and gambled like you.". But I was born in an imperial family, the king of a country, and I don't care about Jiang Daoyi and the love between children. "I see," said Trinket. "No matter how close you are, Guizi and Xuanzi will never be good friends." Kangxi nodded and said, "You understand a little.". It's a pity that you should get out early, not get deeper and deeper,Glucono Delta Lactone, and eventually you can't extricate yourself. After a pause, Kangxi said, "Little Guizi, for the sake of our fight,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, I'll let you die.". Do you know why the secret of the Luding Mountain Treasure Map was spread in Jianghu? That is Jiangning Weaving Cao Yin according to my will, deliberately spread out in Jianghu. Also, why do I want you to be the river governor, let you make waves in Jianghu, and I sent military forces to guard you? "How do I know?" Said Trinket with a wry smile? Little Xuanzi was more clever and wise than Zhuge Zhiliang. He planned what was in the middle and what was thousands of miles away. Little Guizi could only bow to the wind and shout for surrender. "You don't have to be so modest," Kangxi sneered. I tell you, Sex Enhancement Powder ,Kava Root Extract, I can't let a man who knows the treasure map of Luding Mountain get away with it. Do you understand? "I see," said Trinket. As soon as Wei Xiaobao appeared in Jianghu, all the people in Jianghu came around like flies seeing shit, and you could catch them all. Kangxi suddenly shouted, "Open!" Before the word "cannon" could be uttered, he suddenly heard an old and vigorous voice saying, "Xuan Ye, don't be reckless!" Kangxi's name is Aixinjueluo Xuanye, but in the contemporary world, dare to call his name, in addition to the empress Dowager, where there are others? "Who is it?" Kangxi shouted? Like this See "Shaolin Temple" in, float suddenly a red cloud, red cloud holds up a long beard to cross bosom, the old hate with solemn precious appearance. The old monk's flying skill was so good that he jumped up like a red cloud held up by his red cassock. The old monk flew slowly and landed among the heroes. "Kangxi suddenly fell to his knees and said," I want to see my father. Trinket wondered, "What father?"? Isn't Xiao Xuanzi's father Shunzhi? The old monk happened to be beside Trinket, who was overjoyed. "How do you do, Master Xingchi?" He asked. It turned out that the old monk was Kangxi's father, Shunzhi, who gave up the throne when he was young and became a monk in Qingliang Temple on Mount Wutai. Because Wei Xiaobao had protected him in Wutai Mountain, they knew each other. "He nodded to Trinket and said to Kangxi," What are you going to do,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, Xuan Ye? " Kangxi said, "I will play to my father, and I will kill the rebels." 。

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