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Updated: May 13, 2009 1:08:07 Words in this chapter: 6366 Lin Lei clearly distinguished from the breath. [Read the text version, please go to the book website] The woman with silver robes and black pupils in front of us. It's the silver hydra. The others. It was the transformation of her husband and nine children. Arthurs, has the master returned? "Said the Silver Snake," Yin Na Wei ". Arthas shook his head and said, "He hasn't come back yet. He got the fruit of the nether world.". Also waiting for the Lord God. But the Lord God should know that Bolerai has got the news of the nether world, and it is estimated that he will arrive in a moment. When Lin Lei and Beibei heard this, they could not help holding back their anxiety and could only wait aside. Lin Lei. Burrell came over. Said in a low voice. You'd better go quickly. "Well?" Lin Lei looked up at him. Blaine, he won't go. Why do you mind your own business? Silver Snake'Yin Na Wei 'sneered. Burrell was oblivious to the serpent. "Lin Lei," he continued. This Yin Nacheng is the closest place to the main God. And the Lord God wants to kill. That is to say to kill. No one can disobey the will of the Lord God. "Burrell apparently learned a lot about the Lord God of Death from Arthur.". Lin Lei frowned and glanced at the silver snake'Yin Na Wei '. A green-robed woman sneered, "Are you in a hurry now?"? Tell you what It's too late for you to escape now! The Lord God will return soon. …… When the time comes, as long as within the scope of the underworld,Theobromine Powder, the Lord God can quickly find you and kill you! Dare to kill my sister. …… Hum. The nine brothers and sisters of the green snake are very angry. But they have all tasted the strength of Lin Lei and Beibei. What are you proud of? Beibei cursed in a low voice. Beibei. Don't pay attention to them. We'll wait by the side. Lin Lei said. He and Beibei immediately went to a remote place where the flowers and plants were flat. Waiting for the Lord God to return. Lin Lei glanced into the distance, where the silver snake couple and their nine children were whispering to each other. Sometimes he looked this way. Both Burrell and Arthurs could only remain silent. Obviously, Lin Lei and Beibei didn't listen to their advice at all. Now we can only wait for the Lord to come back. In a twinkling of an eye, two or three hours passed. The Lord God has not come yet. Beibei's voice is a little anxious. What is the Lord God doing? "The thought of the Lord God is not something we can understand." Lin Lei waited here for two or three hours. Suffering all the time. Beibei, I see that silver snake'Yin Na Wei 'tone,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, and the relationship between God seems to be really close, you say. Will the Lord God because of this. Won't you help me? Beibei glanced at Lin Lei. In Beibei's memory, Lin Lei seldom has such a moment of hesitation. But now, Beibei can fully feel Lin Lei's hesitation. The eldest brother. The Lord God will help, he will. Beibei whispered. Lin Lei took a deep breath and felt a little better. "Lin Lei!" A voice suddenly sounded. Lin Lei turned to look. Arthas flew over and looked at Lin Lei. Shaking his head to himself, he said solemnly, "The Lord God has just sent me a message asking me to take Burrell and you to the Palace of the Lord God. The Lord God should have come back by now." Lin Lei's eyes lit up. [To read the text version, please go to the book website] "Is the Lord God back?" Lin Lei felt his heart beating out. " Come in with me. 'You Must remember, Quillaja Saponin ,L Methylfolate Factory, 'said Arthurs solemnly. The Lord God has a bad temper. If I like you, I may be good to you, but if I don't like you. If I say I'll kill you, I might kill you. So you and Bebe. Don't be disrespectful at all. Lin Leilian nodded: "I know." "I will not make the Lord God angry." Beibei also even way, Beibei is also very clear, at this time, not the slightest mistake. But Lin Lei also surmised from the words of Arthurs that the main God of death should belong to the kind of moody. It's possible to kill for no reason and deal with this kind of person. It's also the hardest, sometimes. Killed. I don't know what caused him to be killed. Arthas glanced at Lin Lei and Bei Bei and sighed. Arthurs is very clear. The silver snake'Yin Na Wei 'and the main God have a good relationship. Once Yin Na Wei cries and complains. It is very likely that the Lord God did not even give Lin Lei a chance to speak, so he killed Lin and Lei. Let's go Arthurs flew first. Lin Lei and Beibei kept up. In midair, Burley was waiting, and the four men joined up. He flew toward the palace suspended above the summit of the Hades Mountain. The gates of the palace were wide open. The Golden Snake and the Silver Hydra have all gone in. The material of the palace. They are all purple-black. At the same time, a cold and biting smell slowly emerged from the palace. Follow me. There must be no disobedience. Said Arthurs in a low voice. Know Lin Lei said. Don't worry Naberere, too, seemed a little nervous. It was the first time he had seen the Lord of Death. Immediately Lin Lei, Bei Bei and Bo Le Lei. Under the leadership of Arthurs, they crossed the steps of the hall and entered the interior of the hall. Lin Lei, Beibei and Bolelei did not even dare to look up directly for fear of provoking the Lord of Death. The eldest brother. The hall is very cold. The voice of Beibei's soul. Then Arthas knelt down and said, "To the Lord God!" "See the Lord God!" Lin Lei, Bei Bei, Bo Le Lei three people also kneel down, after they three people enter the hall, did not get the Lord God command all dare not look up. Strictly speaking.. Look directly at the Lord God without permission. Is also a very offensive thing, Lin Lei naturally dare not do at the moment. Just then — "Master!" Cried a mournful voice. Tina, she's dead, by that Babe, that's him! He killed him directly. 。 This man named Bei Bei still wants to kill me, if not for the Lord of Life. I'm afraid I won't see you, master. Master. You must avenge Tina! Lin Lei heard a tremor in his heart. The silver snake, as expected,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, came to complain. Fuck. "I want to kill her!" Bei Bei whispered. The eldest brother. This silver hydra, it's disgusting. "Beibei, listen to the Lord God." Lin Lei was still kneeling. Yin! "A cold voice came from above." I will make a decision on this matter. Lin Lei and Beibei were stunned. Is the Deity of Death a Woman.

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